Live Bots Signals

The signal widget allows you to see live signals for all of Muunship's Custom Bots. The widget can be used to trade manually or you can automate these signals. The widget also tells you when the execution occurred, so you can how the bot performs under real-time conditions without risk.

Select Columns Drop Down - Check columns that you would like visible in your scanner

Select Channel Drop Down - Check Signals that you would like to filter. This will display live bots signals as they are sent for executions. You can trade these manually or use the DCA or Signals from the smart orders to automate your trading.

Bots Signals - Dynamic Grid - Cup and Handle - Scalper Bot - QFL - QFL Reverse

Select Filter Coins Drop Down - Check coins to filter based on the base coins or uncheck to show all.

Click MORE to see additional filter options

Select Exchange Drop Down - Check exchange to show in the results.

Select Trade Drop Down - Check Long to see long signals and Check Short to see short signals

Black List - Adding coins in this list will NOT show coins in the results

White List - Adding coins in this list will ONLY show coin in the results

Volume Scanner

Volume Charts Widget shows the amount of buy volume and sell volume in the particular coin within the time frame selected

The Pie Chart show a total of buy volume and sell volume

The line charts shows the volume over time

Net volume shows where the money is flowing into the coin. A positive number shows more buy volume and a negative number shows more sell volume.

This can be very useful in forming a bias long or short position in the coin

Top Gainers-Top Losers- Top Volume Gainers-Alerts

The Monitor Scanner allows you to see the biggest movements in the smallest time frames.

You can filter the scanner with the Time Frames of 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour.

When one of those time frames is selected, the scanner will filter the biggest movers in Price gainers, Price Losers and Volume Gainers.

Top Gainers - This scanner can be sorted by percentage gainers showing you the biggest movers up.

Top Losers - This scanner can be sorted to percentage losers showing you the biggest movers down.

Top Volume Gainers - This filter can be sorted to show the biggest volume moving into the coins within the time frame selected

Alerts - All of the top filters, can be setup as alerts. For Example if you want to be notified if a coin has moved more than 10% up in the past hour. Simply add that filter into the alerts and you will be notified when this criteria is met. Simple click configure alerts and it can help you find coins in a fast moving market.

Two key alerts that traders like to use, is biggest volume alerts and the biggest drops.