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Dynamic Grid Trading Bot

What is the trading logic of the Dynamic Grid Bot

The purpose of this bot is to mimic traders who buy on pull backs and buy dips on sideways markets. The bot can be used to accumulate a position over time by buying at the lower price possible. Or it can be used to make small profits on sideways and up trending coins.

How does the Dynamic Grid Bot Places the Orders.

  1. Open a chart in the Muunship Trading Application

  2. Add Box Trading Indicator

  3. Select the 5 minute Frame

This will create two lines. A support line and resistance line. Change colors and thinkness accordingly.

If you are using Dynamic Grid Bot as a Long Bot, it will buy 3 levels deep below the base levels.

If you are using Dynamic Grid Bot as a Short Bot on Binance Futures, it will sell 3 levels above the resistance levels.

Adjust your Take Profits accordingly based on the coins movements. Below are examples off the Dynamic Grid Bots as a long bot.